Art Fund: Prospect Cottage
Last year the Art Fund began a crowdfunding campaign to raise £3.5 million needed to secure the future of Prospect Cottage, Dungeness, to protect Derek Jarman's legacy and allow the space to remain a centre of creative activity.

The public were invited to donate and specified donations were accompanied by rewards created by leading artists and supporters of the campaign. The Foundation donated a special-edition photograph of overalls drying in the spring wind at Prospect Cottage by Peter.

Peter lived in and documented Dungeness and Romney Marsh from 1996, slipping between London and the place he loved. Keith Collins, who protected and nurtured Prospect Cottage and its garden following Jarman’s death in 1994, was known for wearing these colourful overalls - as was Jarman. The print was estate-stamped, courtesy of the Peter Marlow Foundation and Magnum Photos.

The campaign was more than successful, achieving over its goal securing the future of Prospect Cottage for all.

Similar to so many things, due to the pandemic the distribution of the rewards was pushed back. This delay only increased the excitement and those supporters who had purchased Peter's photograph received these last week.

It was a wonderful campaign to be part of and a great opportunity to work with the Art Fund. We look forward to being able to collaborate again in the future.


'Overalls drying in Derek Jarman's Garden' + Packaging . 2021 © Peter Marlow Foundation & Art Fund
'Overalls drying in Derek Jarman's Garden' . 2005 . Dungeness © Peter Marlow Foundation