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Peter Marlow - 'The English Cathedral' † at Carlisle Cathedral
Carlisle Cathedral . 2010 . Carlisle © Peter Marlow Foundation
Peter's planning notes and map for visits to the northern cathedrals in summer . 2011 © Peter Marlow Foundation
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'The English Cathedral', front cover © Peter Marlow Foundation
We are excited to announce that the touring exhibition of Peter's work, 'The English Cathedral', recommences this year with Carlisle Cathedral hosting it from 29th January to 27th February.

Carlisle Cathedral

In 2010 Peter undertook ‘a kind of reflective pilgrimage’, in photographing the naves of each of England’s 42 Anglican cathedrals. As a contemporary return to tradition of church photography in England, particularly the work of Frederick Evans and Edwin Smith, Peter’s typologies were taken in natural light at dawn, capturing the luminosity of each interior as daylight emerged from behind the altar. Devoid of artificial lighting, the images create a representation of each cathedral removed from the modern age.

Magnum Photos Article

The photographs were published as a book by Merrell, with a foreword written by Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photographs at the V&A. The first edition in 2012 and second edition in 2015.

With generous funding from the Victoria and Albert Museum and their Photographs Acquisition Group, a touring exhibition followed the book, commencing at Coventry Cathedral in 2016, Ely Cathedral in 2017, Plymouth and Blackburn in 2019, continuing into 2022 with 6 confirmed exhibitions: Carlisle, Winchester, Ripon, Southwell, Bradford, St Albans and St Pauls, with further cathedrals hosting the touring exhibition in 2023.

A full set of the prints are held in the V&A’s permanent collection.

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Exhibition Layout . 2022 . Carlisle © Peter Marlow Foundation
Carlisle Cathedral Polaroid . 2010 . Carlisle © Peter Marlow Foundation